What is Heavy Load and Project Transportation?

Heavy load and project transportation are interconnected concepts.

Heavy load transportation means the transportation of loads that cannot technically be transported by truck or truck. It can be done domestically and internationally.

Project transportation is a transportation concept in which the cargo required for a specific project must be transported to the designated project area. The concept of time is very important in project transportation. The materials required for the project must be delivered to the specified location at the specified date and time.

For example :

Power Plant, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Heat boiler, condenser, transformer, Pressure and tank vehicles, Dryer, Chimney, iron and steel furnaces, Steel lattice constructions, Generator, Bridge beams, Pipelines, Wind turbines, Boats, sailboats, Construction , construction equipment, casting unit, ship engine, crane material, wheeled and normal cranes are transported.